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Purple Ponte Roma Stretch Jersey

1/2 a Metre€5.50


*4 units = 1 metre

NOTE: Minimum order amount of a half metre.

Purple ponte roma also known as ponte di roma is a double knit jersey with a smooth silky finish.

Ponte roma is an easy jersey fabric to sew with as it’s more stable than a single jersey. The stretch and structure of this fabric caresses curves to give a smooth silhouette and is comfortable to wear. Also great for structured garments due to its full bodied drape.

There is no obvious right side (face) to this fabric so it can be used for reversible garments and you may find that you do not need to line your garment depending on preference.

Made from 76% Polyester, 19% Viscose and 5% Spandex

Fabric Weight: 290 gsm, a medium to heavy weight fabric

Stretch: 30% on the crosswise grain (width) and 10% in the length with a great recovery.

Ponte roma is very versatile, great for form fitting garments as well as garments requiring some structure such as a paneled skirt.

Available to buy online in our fabric shop by the cut length.

Product Information for Purple Ponte Roma Stretch Jersey

Category : Jersey

Width : 150cm

Weight : 290gsm

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