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Insul-Bright - Insulated Lining

1/2 a Metre€4.50


*4 units = 1 metre

NOTE: Minimum order amount of a half metre.

Insul-Bright is a needle punched insulated lining. It consists of polyester fibers needle-punched through a non-woven substrate and through a reflective metallized film. The needled material breathes and won’t break down with washing. The metallized film in Insul-Bright reflects hot or cold back to itself. There is no right or wrong side. Cover Insul-Bright with fabric before ironing.

Perfect for making household projects such as Lunch bags, grocery bags, oven mitts and ironing board covers. The needled poly fibres resist conduction while the reflective metalized film resists radiant energy reflecting hot or cold energy back to its source. Easy to sew and machine washable! If it’s too hot to handle or too cold to hold – make it just right with Insul-Bright!

It's 114cm (45 inches) wide and made from 93.75% Polyester Fibre 6.25% Metalized Polyester.

Machine washable on a warm cycle,tumble dry.

Product Information for Insul-Bright - Insulated Lining

Width : 114cm

Weight : 250gsm

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